Services DOFF Cleaning


The DOFF cleaning technique is a high temperature low pressure steam based system. With its capability of controlled temperatures reaching 150 degrees, it is a perfect stone cleaning system. It can remove various different types of biological matter, algae, moss and general dirt build up without the use of chemicals. The doff systems can also remove many different types of paint from most facades leaving no damage to the exterior finish of buildings.


Its gentle approach to cleaning buildings comes from the combination of a very high heat however keeping the pressure of the water making contact with the facade low produces brilliant results and is ideal for bringing out the natural coloring of the stonework beneath the dirt or paint. It is an approved technique by CADW and English Heritage allowing it to be commonly used on listed buildings. We are fully affiliated with CADW and the Stone Federation along with being an approved Contractor for the use of DOFF or TORC Systems by Stone Health Ltd.


One of our recent uses for the system was at St Fagans National History Museum in Cardiff. This Museum is one of Europe's foremost open air museums representing the life and culture of wales and is situated in 100 acres of parkland near Cardiff City Center. It was opened to the public shortly after the Second World War and since then over 40 buildings from different periods have been re-erected in the parkland making it one of wales most popular heritage attractions. We were tasked by Kier Construction to undertake DOFF cleaning to the existing concrete structures that were to remain in the extension of and major refurbishment project. As well as some new stone elements we also undertook some TORC cleaning to areas that included lead based paint and carbon Build ups.