Services Facade Cleaning

Building facades can vary in a lot of different ways;

  • It can be something as simple as two storey home with a bay window or a grand entrance to the front of a museum.
  • They can be relatively simple such as a stone cladded front or they can be as complex as a cathedral.
  • Their age can range from newly built and back date to the 1700’s

Due to this each Façade requires its own approach to establish the correct way to achieve the best results.

Our two main methods of cleaning have come a long way from what was previously considered a “good clean” if your stone work has a large build-up of moss, algae, and general dirt deposits or even graffiti the correct method to remove this is a sympathetic cleaning solution that doesn’t damage the initial face.

The DOFF System uses a high heat and low pressure to lift and remove the unwanted grime leaving the façade in its existing state and back to its original appearance.

The second method is introduced for stronger unwanted matter. Atmospheric pollutants such as carbon have always been an issue and this becomes more and more apparent as congestion increases in our towns and cities. Lead based paints are also a problem to remove from the façade without damaging the face of the stonework.

The TORC system is an air fed machine that has small quantities of water mixed with granules these granules are made up from Semi-angular crystallised form of calcium carbonate so are safe to use. With its vortex technology it avoids the harsh impact to the face of the stonework such as a grit blast. There are mainly three types of granules that can be used depending on what material is being cleaned such as delicate sand stone or a stronger pennant material.

Dawson Stone Masonry Ltd have one of the best understandings when it comes to Facades with over 30 years of experience we have adapted to the new technologies that allow us to preserve the face of Wales. We are accredited and approved by Stonehealth Ltd to use these machines giving you full confidence in the work we carry out.

We have worked on many a prestigious project such as the Brecon Hub, Aberystwyth University, Swansea University, Cardiff Museum and Llandaff Cathedral so we understand the importance of stonework and its historical value. In addition to these modern systems Dawson Stone Masonry still have the skill and knowledge base to carry out the Nebulous Spray cleaning method which is the traditional cleaning technique for oolitic limestone such as Bath or Cotswold stone.