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Lime Rendering


Buildings and their construction techniques have changed vastly over the last 100 years. Materials used were very different from those used today. Many older buildings have suffered due to trapped moisture caused from facades being continuously redecorated in order to look more aesthetically pleasing. The reason for this is that most paints and cement renders have very little or no vapour permeability. They form a barrier not allowing the substrate to breathe, and trapped water over time can freeze, expand, thaw and contract causing decay to the substrate behind.


Historic Buildings need high consideration for protection that is long term and durable. Lime has big advantages over most alternatives it is less dense and is a lot more vapour permeable which allows moisture from inside the substrate to evaporate and pass through. It also has a good elasticity content allowing general movement in buildings and its strength is similar to the existing orginal stone work therefore the mortar does not accelerate deterioration.


Dawson Stone Masonry have an extensive knowledge when it comes to lime applications and its techniques and have completed many projects across Wales and the South West internally & externally. Our most recent project is Singleton Abbey at Swansea University, currently going through its 3rd phase of Restoration/Conservation working closely with Kier Construction.